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* ACCELERATOR TRANSMUTATION OF WASTE: Information on what could be considered one of the greatest technological achievements of all time: The ability to speed up radioactive decay!

* ALIVE & WELL: Information on AIDS alternatives.

* ALMOST NORMAL COMICS: An online zine resources guide.

* ARTEMIS SOCIETY: An organization dedicated to the exploration of the moon.

* THE CHEERS.ORG: A weekly online magazine that includes entertainment news, politcal discussions, fiction writings and weekly cartoons.

* DEEP COLD: A site featuring info on alternate versions of space programs.

* ESPERANTO ORG: The site for full and thorough info on the Esperanto language.

* FANDATA: Site for the science fiction directory service Fandata.

* FAT CAMPUS: A resource site for college students.

* JEN HACHIGIAN: Computer animator and small press artist.

* HAPPY NEWS: A positive news source.

* HACK A DAY: A site filled with tons of tips on rebuilding and/or modifying computers.

* MARS SOCIETY: An organization dedicated to the exploration of Mars.

* NOT DEAD YET: An organization that opposes the misuses of euthanasia.

* RED COLONY: A very well-done site on the colonization and teraforming of Mars.

* RED DWARF: The funniest science fiction TV show ever made!

* SHY AND FREE: A site that transforms shyness.

* SPACE.COM: Site for everything spacey.

* SPACE FRONTIERS FOUNDATION: A private space exploration group.

* SPACE 1999 NET: The focus of Space: 1999 fandom for the web.

* TRIBE.NET: A decent Internet community.

* UNDERGROUND LITERARY ALLIANCE: A small press writers activist group.

* THE U.L.A. MESSAGE BOARD: A message board for the Underground Literary Alliance.

* WALKING ACROSS AMERICA: A web comic from Paul Peterson.

* THE X PRIZE FOUNDATION: An organization established to help foster CHEAP access to space.

* YOU TUBE: Truly interactive TV for EVERYONE!