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An alternate Space: 1999 timeline

he following Space: 1999 timeline is my update of the timeline found in Starlog magazine's Moonbase Alpha Technical Manual published in 1977. This is a tentative timeline, and thus I plan to make further revisions of the timeline in the future. Also, if you want to post your version of an updated timeline, please do so.

-- Yul Tolbert

JAN. 28, 1981: Anton Borkaff walks on Mars.

SEPT. 18, 1982: Space station Falcon unveiled at the Vostaach Space Center.

JUNE 19, 1983: Centauri space station completed.

FEB. 3, 1985: Construction of Moonbase Alpha begins.

MARCH 23, 1989: Cold nuclear fusion is perfected. Its applications toawrd space technology are quickly sought.

JAN. 20, 1991: Desert Storm War begins. Koenig's wife Jean is killed by Scud missile attack while visiting Israel.

JAN. 1 1992: Cold War officially ends and full-scale nuclear disarmament begins. All nuclear weapons are broken down and their nuclear material is buried under the lunar surface in a site designated as Nuclear Waste Disposal Area One.

JUN 8, 1994: Eagle transporter spacecraft debuts.

JULY 10, 1995: Astro 7, under the command of Lee Russell, is launched toward Jupiter.

JUNE 6, 1996: Tony Cellini commands the Ultra Probe mission.

SEPT. 8, 1996: Mark Nine Hawk defense craft is tested.

FEB. 17, 1997: Moonbase Alpha becomes fully operational.

DEC. 1, 1998: Planet Meta is discovered.

JAN. 3, 1999: Helena Russell becomes chief medical officer of Moonbase Alpha.

SEPT. 9, 1999: John Koenig takes command of Moonbase Alpha.

SEPT. 11, 1999: Flareup on the Moon at Waste Area One.

SEPT. 13, 1999: Massive explosion of nuclear waste on the lunar surface blasts the Moon out of Earth orbit.